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Thursday, January 20, 2022
5:30 PM

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I Choose Joy: why it's important to intentionally live joyfully and how you can start today

It's easy to get caught up in the daily routine. From the morning rush to get out the door on time to answering emails and signing in to Zoom calls all day. We end the day burnt out and exhausted. We're left uninspired and bored. That's no way to go through life! We deserve to lead days that energize us and get us excited. With just a few small shifts, you can find more smiles, more beauty, and more joy in your every day.

Abby is on a mission to help ambitious and busy women actually have the time to do the things they really love. Through realistic time management tricks, writing the best to-do list, and dreaming big, Abby has cracked the code on how we can live our lives with more joy and still get it all done. Through her business, Abby Lee Coaching, she shares her own experiences and helps other women find their own joy. Be sure to follow Abby on Facebook at AbbyLee_Coaching for the inside scoop on making every week a great week.

Abby Lee Coaching
Salem, MA
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Our mission is to foster opportunities for business women to develop professionally and personally through networking, educational, and social.

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