Nancy Black – Professional Organizer and NSWIB Veteran

Whether it is a time management strategy or a much-needed transformation of work or living space, Nancy Black can help. As a professional organizer, she describes her business, Organization Plus, as “creative organization and time management systems compatible with individual learning, work and lifestyle.”

Nancy stresses that no two clients are alike, and what works for one may not work for the next. That is why it is so important to tailor organizational strategy to the individual. She works with businesses of all sizes including home offices and solo entrepreneurs. She says, “My strength is to work with busy professionals who have families to create organizing systems that will help at home too.” She also does home organization, and can coach in person or virtually depending on the need and location of her client. In addition, Nancy offers solid product research that helps clients avoid spending money on organizational tools that do not work for them. Her services are also recommended by The Hallowell Center, a leading authority on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), as beneficial for those who struggle with ADHD and executive functioning disorder.

Nancy is a pioneer in the professional organization business. She got her start helping a friend organize a home office. Soon after, she met another person who described herself as a professional organizer. Together they formed Professional Organizers of Massachusetts. Coincidentally, around the same time, a relative in California formed the National Association of ProfessionalOrganizers, so the gift is clearly in her blood.

Nancy’s slogan is “30 Years of Organizing Excellence,” and she says root causes of organizing stress have changed over time. For example, she says in the 1980’s, notebook style planning systems were all the rage. However, she found that people were overwhelmed (and still are) by all the labeled sections, so she created customized planners for them. In addition, offices were buried in piles of paper and mail, and an avalanche of faxes. A decade later, technology began to evolve. Overwhelm took the form of managing email, social media, and computer platforms, so it became more important to prioritize tasks.

Now, people are home a lot less, and families are heavily scheduled. The demand on work time has increased, as have personal and family activities. Many people have started home-based businesses to gain control over their time, but working at home comes with a new set of organizational issues. Nancy says, “I don’t believe there is anyone in the world who is always organized. We are in a society that is very unrealistic about what we can do in twenty-four hours because we want to do it all. It is a challenge for anyone at any age.” Her advice is to adapt organizational strategies and priorities at each stage of life. A busy professional with young children will have different needs than a busy professional who is an empty-nester.

Nancy admits to struggling with time-management herself. She says, “My priorities have changed during different phases of life.” She had young children early in her career, and now her husband is retired. Her solution? Nancy says, “I learned that taking personal time is as much of a priority as taking time in my business.” She credits her success to “a supportive approach and listening carefully to clients.” Nancy is also known for helping other business owners, and says she enjoys “connecting the dots” – helping people build business connections.

A valued member of North Shore Women in Business since it began, Nancy says she values the relationships that she has built here. She says, “People do business with those that they like, know and trust.” Nancy can be contacted through her website:


Nancy Black
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