Conversation with Mo Levasseur, President of Profile Research, Inc. Networking. Passion. Relationships. Intent. These are words that Mo utilizes in both her personal and professional life.

• Networking –with family, friends and business associates

• Intent-deciding what to focus on in your life and business

• Passion-do what you love

• Relationships-cultivate them both personally and professionally

Mo started her career as an executive aide to the Danvers Chief of Police.After the birth of her son in 1995, she began her new career as mom.Eventually, Mo re-entered the workforce at a friend’s private investigating firm working part time. (Relationship)

During her six years at this job, she realized that helping people during difficult times in their lives was what she enjoyed doing. Investigating also tapped into her enjoyment of the hunt.Mining for information (data collection) spoke to her interest in technology, and finding solutions gave her great satisfaction.The fact that every day was a different day was an additional bonus. Being a woman in a male dominated field was never a deterrent. Mo said she’s never heard that voice that says “I can’t do this. (Passion)

After working for the private investigator for six years, Mo decided to strike out on her own. In 2001, she received her PI license from the Massachusetts State Police.Mo entered this male dominated arena by opening Profile Research, Inc. located on the North Shore. (Intent)

Utilizing the relationships she formed while working at the Danvers Police Department, the friendships made as a sports parent, joining North Shore Women in Business, BNI and the North Shore Chamber of Commerce, Mo continues to meet new people and grow her business. (Networking)

Currently, Profile Research, Inc. employs six people.A large part of their work is running background checks for new hires for all industries worldwide.Under the investigative side of the company, Mo’s greatest satisfaction is helping her clients, predominantly women, resolve their issues, gain confidence and move forward in their lives. She continues to be a resource for those clients who may need addition assistance after their case is closed.

Mo enjoys training former law enforcement people and others interested in becoming private investigators. She believes that sharing knowledge with other PIs is a core belief in building her business. Working with other investigators is another opportunity to share knowledge and build relationships.

When not working, Mo mentors members of North Shore Women in Business. This is another opportunity for her to share her knowledge and learn from others.

As a small business owner, Mo recommends getting involved in your community. Her personal cause was forming Solace for Stephanie with Stephanie’s family.Mo organizes the annual comedy night fundraising event, yet another way to build relationships and meet people.

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