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Using Body Language, Facial Expressions, Voice Tone and Ornaments.
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Nonverbal Communication entails the majority of our communication although we tend to focus on developing only technical skills and leave out the people and relationship building abilities.

Depending on context, studies have found that communication can be 60% nonverbal and 40% verbal and other times up to 93% nonverbal!

Nonverbal Communication includes Body Language, Facial expressions, Voice Tone and Ornaments.

Do you communicate with people on a regular basis? Whether it's on the phone, negotiating, selling, dating, imagine if you could decode hidden emotions and had the ability to be congruent with the message you are trying to express with words and your body language.

Our presenter will help with increasing influence levels to be more charismatic, perceptive, powerful etc along with improving business and personal relationships and displaying and interpreting non verbal communication.

Our presenter is Juliet Gill Owner and Lead Investigator of Nonverbally Speaking.

Juliet Gill has researched Nonverbal Communication and Body Language since 2011. Extensive experience as Marketing Director for various Construction companies. Inspired to learn the best applicable strategies to overcome issues regarding truth, confidence, being heard and taken seriously. Challenged by insecurities in gauging intent, strength in relationships and effective communication, the next step begun by applying Body Language.

Juliet launched Nonverbally Speaking LLC to train companies, coach individuals and groups to achieve goals through the power of Body Language; designed to thrive in every industry. Through a variety of fun, informational, and not-easy-to-forget formats such as Keynote Presentations, Workshops, Coaching Packages and Retreats.

Danversport Yacht Club, 161 Elliott Street, Danvers, MA

NSWIB historically met at the Danversport Yacht Club for monthly events until transitioning to our "on the road" monthly event theme. We are excited to return to Danversport as they were a key event supporter for many years. Recently, they have also transitioned and we are are looking forward to returning to see their updated facility!


MEMBERS - $25.00

NON-MEMBERS - $35.00

Our mission is to foster opportunities for business women to develop professionally and personally through networking, educational, and social.

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