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Last year, we kicked off the NSWIB year at The Cabot in Beverly and it was a great night! The Cabot is undergoing a transformation and we were privy to the behind the scenes view!

We promised to go back and that will happen on Wednesday, October 17th – 5:30 PM. Since last year, they have completed the Streetside Bar, which is where we will meet to network, dine on some local fare, and enjoy the local scene of Cabot Street!

Our topic of the evening is “If You’re In Business … You’ve Gotta Laugh!” What better way to add to this year’s opening than with a great local comedian, Paul Gilligan. http://paulgilligancomedy.com/

You have to admit, there are moments in your business day that could bring you to your knees but if you know how to laugh and use your sense of humor, that one moment could be transformed for you and those around you. And with your humor and levity, you could be “the one” that empowers others to approach the more serious dilemmas that arise in business with a lighter approach. The outcome may be the same (in certain scenarios) but a not so reactive approach could be a tool you just might need!

Consider yourself invited to the first event of the NSWIB year. Our goal is to set the tone for the rest of the year with a good laugh!

The Cabot October Event - Members $30
The Cabot October Event - Non-Members $35

Our mission is to foster opportunities for business women to develop professionally and personally through networking, educational, and social.

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