Wednesday 22 March 2017

March Meet Up! Differentiation with Branding

Please join us on Wednesday, March 22th at 5:30 p.m. at 180 Haven Street, Reading for an evening of networking and discussion on ways to set your business apart and get on the path towards success!  Our acting President, Gail Tarmey will host Stephen Melanson, who will present Differentiation & Game-changing Simplicity. He will highlight successful strategies in verbal branding that almost any business can implement:

-- The real way to differentiate from your competition

-- Using simplicity as a tool for selling, confidence and day-to-day efficiency

-- How to use heavy competition to your advantage and avoid being a commodity

-- Streamlining your approach to sales, networking, pipeline management and overall time management

Verbal Branding is the secret sauce to create ‘Business Simplicity’, where faster growth and continuous improvement become the long-term results.

Stephen is the President of Melanson Consulting, which was founded in 2004. He is a management consultant, trainer, speaker, Verbal Branding expert, and the originator of the only ‘business simplicity’ platform of its kind. He is a service provider and educational partner to small through Fortune 500 firms and, is currently writing a second book, called Verbal Branding™ and the New Business Simplicity.

This is sure to be a fun and informative evening with NSWIB that you will not want to miss!


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